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eat with the moon

I am super excited to announce that I will be releasing my very first e-book, Eat With The Moon, in early 2019! Filled with 28 healthy vegan recipes, Eat With The Moon is aimed to help you balance out your hormones naturally and safely using a method called "seed cycling". 

Sow-cooked Japanese mushroom congee.

Sow-cooked Japanese mushroom congee.

what is in the book? 

28 vegan recipes that work with, and correlate to, your menstrual cycle and the moon cycle, based on the concept of seed cycling. 

Ingredients are 100% whole foods and plant-based with oil-free options.  

Simple and accessible healthy recipes.

Easy-to-understand information on hormones and how the work

A dive into how we can balance them naturally.

...and more.

who is this book for? 

Eat With The Moon is for women, of any age, who may be struggling with balancing their hormones after coming off the contraceptive pill (or any other hormone-altering birth control), are/were battling with an eating disorder, and have an irregular or no menstrual cycle. 

This of course does not mean that if you do not have such issues that you can't try out the recipes. If you are curious about how to incorporate healthy and natural hormone balancing foods into your diet more regularly, then Eat With The Moon is for you too. 

Pumpkin coconut pasta with a homemade savoury pumpkin seed butter spread.

Seed cycling is a natural and non-invasive hormonal balancing method.

what is seed cycling? 

Seed cycling is a gentle and non-invasive way to help your body balance your hormones naturally by adding specific seeds into your diet at different phases of your menstrual cycle. If you are not menstruating, you are able to follow the moon cycle as a guide for what seeds to take when.