Deconstructed Sushi Bowls & Miso-Tahini Sauce

deconstructed sushi bowls with a miso-tahini sauce

I feel yah, homey. Time is short and time is money. And short on money is something no one has time for.

So I have a solution: Do not, I repeat, do not roll your sushi. It takes up way too much time and never looks as fancy as it did on Pinterest. Not only do you save time, but you also avoid personal disappointment.

You know I always look out for yah.

No time to roll? Throw it all in a bowl. 

This recipe calls for some ingredients you are perhaps not that familiar with. Miso paste? Liquid amino acids? Don't worry, let's break it down: 

Miso paste - While a staple in Chinese and Japanese diets, everyone else doesn't seem to have a firm idea on what miso paste is. Made from fermented soybeans, miso is super high in nutrients, mainly due to the fermentation process. Fermentation causes the complex oils, proteins and carbohydrates to break down into forms that are more bioavailable for the body to digest, as well as increase the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Probiotic organisms aid digestion, maintain a healthy immune system and keep you happy (FYI 95% of serotonin is made in your gut). Now you know the secret as to why miso happy :)  

Liquid amino acids - Despite having a very similar taste to soy sauce and tamari, liquid amino acids definitely take the cake. It is lower in sodium, GMO-free, preservative-free, gluten-free and contains 16 out of the 20 amino acids. 9 of 20 amino acids cannot be produced by the body and need to be consumed through diet, so this liquid soy seasoning has got you covered - almost. 

Nori - Be one with the ocean and chow some seaweed. Nori is a great source of DHA, a type of omega-3 fatty acid, supporting brain and vision health. It also contains a rich amount of vitamin K, aiding a better flow of blood to the heart, lungs and brain.  

and Tahini - Tahini deserves a standing ovation. Calcium! Protein! Hormonal balancing! Think shiny hair, strong nails, a peachy booty and fertility. Basically, god/goddess gains. 

miso-tahini ingredients*

1 tsp miso paste

2 tsp liquid aminos

1 tbsp tahini

3 tbsp water

Dash of chilli powder

Dash of ground ginger

* "Hold the sauce", said no one ever, so feel free to double or triple up on the ingredients so there is more more more!


bowl ingredients 

1 1/2 cups brown rice

3 cups water

1 can chickpeas

1 avocado

8 baby carrots

15 snap peas

1 nori sheet

1 - 2 tsp sesame seeds

1 - 2 tsp sunflower seeds  

A large handful of cilantro

2 tbsp spring onion

optional extra toppings*  

½ cucumber, sliced

½ red bell pepper

2 - 3 tbsp gari (ginger sushi)  

1 cup raw mushroom, finely sliced

¼ fresh chilli, thinly sliced

Feel free to add in any other veggies. I had very limited fresh veg on hand so I did what I could.


1. Immerse your rice in a bowl filled with water, roughly 2 - 3 cups.

2. Prepare your miso-tahini sauce by mixing all ingredients well in a bowl. Set aside in the fridge.

3. After about 30 minutes or so, or once your rice has soaked up the majority of the water, bring a pot to the boil on stove. 

4. Add the rice. Cover and reduce to a simmer.

5. Cook according to package instructions but the rice should take anywhere between 30 - 45 minutes depending on the amount of time you have soaked the rice.

6. While you are waiting for the rice to cook, prepare your other bowl components.

7. Drain and rinse the chickpeas.

8. Slice the carrots, spring onion and avocado.

9. Destem the cilantro.

10. Tear the nori sheet into strips.

11. Once the rice is ready, let it cool for 5 minutes.

12. Choose some pretty bowls and divide the rice, nori, chickpeas, avocado, carrots and snap peas.

13. Sprinkle the sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cilantro and spring onion on top.

14. Get that miso dressing all over them bowlz!

15. Eat with chopsticks. That’s mandatory.