Lucidity: Lions Mane Mushroom Effects [Harmonic Mycology Review]

lucidity: lions mane mushroom effects [harmonic mycology review]

“I’m flyyyyyying today!“ was the first thing I messaged to my friends at Harmonic Myology. It was Day 1 of taking their Lucidity mushroom blend of lions mane (80%; Hericium erinaceus), reishi (10%; Ganoderma lucidum), cordyceps (10%; Cordyceps sinensis).

Over the course of two weeks, I dosed on 2 capsules each day to experience the effects of what this mushroom blend could bring. And wow, did it deliver! “Lucidity“ as the name suggests, conveys clarity of expression, intelligibility, and brightness and luminosity in thought and being. I felt like I was smooth-sailing through my days with perceptive focus, sharp precision and an overall sense of contentment and peace.

Holding my Harmonic Mycology Lucidity Mushroom Blend with pride.

Holding my Harmonic Mycology Lucidity Mushroom Blend with pride.

So how does this remarkable Lucidity blend work? With incredible, natural neuroprotective and neuroregenerative properties, the lions mane mushroom stands at the core of this potent blend. Research has shown lions mane stimulates the regrowth of neurons (aka Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) production), repairs neurological tissue damage and enhances cognitive performance. As I have some family history of Alzheimer’s, taking care of my brain health today is very important to me in the long-run.

Fun Fact: Did you know when eaten fresh, lions mane is known for its lobster-like flavour?

The Lucidity blend goes one step further and is complimented by the neuroprotective and antioxidant properties of the reishi and cordyceps mushrooms. Together, this blend works powerfully to help prevent fatigue and accelerate wound healing. I appreciated the additional mushrooms in this concoction as I have found in the past that straight-up lions mane can be a bit intensive for me.

The delicious blend of shroomy ingredients. Recommended dosage is 2 capsules, taking you to 1g of medicinal mushrooms (500mg x 2).

The delicious blend of shroomy ingredients. Recommended dosage is 2 capsules, taking you to 1g of medicinal mushrooms (500mg x 2).

But like how does it reeeeeally work? Medicinal mushrooms, including lions mane and the like, support our bodies through their own structure and make-up. When people talk about mushrooms being “adaptogenic“, this is the (simplified) process of how it works…


Mushrooms are made up of “Polysaccharides” which are complex, long-chain sugar molecules primarily found in fungal cell walls - where they may comprise up to 90% of the molecular architecture. They are generally found in greater quantity and diversity in mushroom fruit bodies as opposed to mycelium. Need a refresher on the fruit bodies vs. the mycelium?

Polysaccharides, with their with immuno-stimulating properties, enhance the body’s ability to defend against many forms of disease, such as autoimmune disorders, viruses and various types of cancer. These effects occur largely through the activation of the body's major systems, including the hormonal, nervous, regulatory and reproductive systems (depending on species).


The presence and concentration of these molecules differ across fungal species. This class of molecules have anti-inflammatory effects and are able to calm an overactive immune system without suppressing it. Terpenoids have also been shown to balance the body’s systems during times of stress and fatigue.

Common Medicinal Mushrooms and Associated Benefits

The many benefits of medicinal mushrooms

The many benefits of medicinal mushrooms

Would I recommend Harmonic Mycology’s Lucidity Blend?

Yes. I genuinely felt like I was vibrating at a different state that I had not experienced before. I felt happier, calmer, more energized and focused. The blend was smooth and long-lasting. My brain and nervous system felt nourished, supported and cared for. I would definitely keep using it as maintenance for my cognition and overall brain health.

In the next article, we will go more in-depth into the benefits of reishi, cordyceps and shiitake as I review more medicinal mushroom blends.

For a read into the history of mushrooms and how they have been used since the dawn of time, check out my Ethnomycology article.

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PS: to end off, here is a beautiful selection of images featuring lions mane, also known as the Hedgehog Mushroom, the Bearded Tooth Fungus or the Bearded Tooth Mushroom.