How To Break Free From Your Mind

How To Break Free From Your Mind: A Letter To Your Soul

Dear Soul,

This week hasn't been easy. You are trying your best to go beyond your habitual thought patterns - to move beyond the self-deprecating stream of thoughts around your body, which are continuous, nasty, hurtful and agonising. Maybe this is why this week has been difficult; because for the first time you actually have the strength to actively think differently, to challenge your assumptions and ways of perceiving reality.

Isn't that beautiful way of looking at your suffering? 

Look at how far you have come. 

The old way of thinking that used to protect you and keep you small are slowly crumbling down - and you feel vulnerable and open. The shield is lowering. The walls are falling. And there in your wholeness you stand, and you feel full and large. 

You are knee deep in the change. From small to large, things are shifting and transitioning. Within this duality, there is the unknown. 

But in this unknown, within the nothingness, there is everything. 

If you can begin to gently rest in the center of it all - within the nothingness - where there is infinite possibility. To find the calm is to ride the activity of transiency. For if there is one truth in this world, it is that things always change, from good to bad and bad to good. They are both the same and as such, there is no bad nor is there no good. There just is. When you distinguish that the only dualities that exist are the ones you make up, then you can let out a sigh, take a deep breath, and come home to yourself.

She is waiting for you, resting in the void of nothing and everything.

- Francesca